Acta Print's special know-how

Acta Print's new digital production system is based on the pdf file format. All documents received from clients are converted to pdf files, in case their format is something different. Their validity is checked with either Heidelberg–Creon Prinergy or Scitex Brisque software, and the pages are imposed. The imposed signatures are then imaged directly on the printing surface: for offset, they are imaged onto a printing plate with Creon VLF platesetter, and for gravure, they are imaged onto a printing cylinder with Scitex LOGO – Hell Helioglischograph engraving machine.

Acta Print is also one among the first in Europe to digitise the job management. With Heidelberg-Creon Prinergy, the management data for every job can be carried along together with the files. Thanks to Prinergy, the pages are taken as true, checked and normalised pdf files up to the end of the process, and all the necessary information about proofing, colour separation, trapping and printing is included in the files. This helps to ensure for instance that a tabloid newspaper printed on newsprint will not – even accidentally – be printed with 80 lines/cm screening ruling, as when printing an art publication on coated paper.

Acta Print routinely uses automatic colour management. Printer drivers (ppd files) and ICC profiles can be downloaded from our download page. Thus our clients can use them also in their own proofings or even in colour separation calculations, when needed.

Acta Print has also advanced and versatile data communication facilities. Fast network connections and several ISDN-based data transfer protocols help when transferring large job materials, electronic proofs and even high-resolution images quickly and flexibly between our clients and us.