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Working methods and definitions in QuarkXpress

The colour definitions should be created with great care. In a process colour job, box Spot Color should not be checked. In spot colour jobs the box should be checked, regardless of which is the colour model for defining the colour.

4 mm trimming edges should be provided in the document. Type 3, TrueType, Multiple Masters and system fonts must not be used. You should also avoid using old type styles, published before -91, as their kerning values differ greatly from those of current fonts.

The colour of negative elements should be defined as paper-coloured, as 0% of one of the spot colours may not print correctly due to different overprinting, masking and trapping values. Also hairlines should be avoided; as rule one should not use lines thinner than 0.5 points.

For the print driver we recommend Adobe PS 4.2 or later instead of Microsoft's PostScript driver; the recommended print and file format is PostScript Level 2.