Creating pdf files

Pdf (Portable Document Format) is a method, developed by Adobe, to output a job into a file, which contains all information related to the job in question. Pdf file contains fonts, images, and colour separation data as a single package, which is totally independent of device, software and platform. And in addition to all this, the package is very small, and it's contents can be viewed on the monitor screen and even edited! Pdf file is true PostScript data; therefore it's validity is easy to check by printing it from Acrobat Reader software to any PostScript printer. If the printout is OK, so is the file.

In order to create a pdf file it is necessary to purchase Adobe Acrobat 4 software. Creating a pdf file consists of two steps: The job is first output from PageMaker to a file, which is then converted to pdf format by means of Distiller software. More information from Instructions page.