We focus not only on printing, but on giving magazines a superb finish.


Our magazine binding department has a wide range of magazine finishing lines, which produce both stapled and adhesive-bound magazines. The magazines can if necessary be packed separately. We also have the technology for precise personalised printing.






Inserts: Our binding lines allow us to incorporate inserts within publications. They need not only be brochures or editorial supplements. A membership card carried home between the pages of a magazine has been shown to be effective, as have different kinds of order cards.

Stapled insert: An insert can be placed between the sheets or in the centrefold of a stapled magazine.

Glued-in insert: A magazine can have one or two glued-in inserts. They are glued on to the first page of a printed sheet.

Loose insert: A stapled magazine can have one or two loose inserts. An adhesive-bound magazine can have one to three loose inserts.

Crushed insert: Crushed inserts are placed between the sheets of an adhesive-bound magazine.

Top inserts (loose): individually packed magazines can contain one to three top inserts