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Settings for Adobe Acrobat Distiller
Inside the joboptions files below you'll find the settings to create the pdf files with Acrobat Distiller for ActaPrint. You can use these settings for works printed both with gravature and offset machines.

Copy the setting files into the Settings folder inside the Distiller folder.

Distiller joboptions for Macintosh (hqx file,  131 kt)
Distiller joboptions for Windows (WinZip file, 1 kt)

PPD files
There are two ppd files for Windows and Macintosh below. Prinergy Refiner is for Heatset and ScitexBrisque for gravature machine. You can use ScitexBrisque also for Heatset machine.

On Macintosh platform, please copy the ppd files into the Printer Descriptions folder inside the Extensions folder in the System folder. Use the ppd files through Chooser.
On Windows platform use Adobe PS driver to load the ppd files.

PPD files for Macintos (hqx file, 147 kt)
PPD files for Windows (WinZip file, 12 kt)

ICC colour profiles
There are three different profiles for Windows and Macintos below. Gravure.icc is for gravature, Brite.icc is for coated offset paper and Solaris.icc for uncoated offset paper.

On Macintosh copy the profiles into Colorsync folder inside the System folder. On Windows copy the profiles into Color folder inside the Windows/System folder.You may use the profiles in PhotoShop with command File/Color Settings/CMYK in Setup menu.

ICC colour profiles for Macintosh (hqx file, 2037 kt)
ICC colour profiles for Windows (WinZip file, 1412 kt)