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It is always possible to have errors in the material. If an error is encountered while preflighting the received material at Acta Print, we ask for a new, corrected version, or for a permission to correct the error at Acta Print. We do correct obvious mistakes automatically, of course. Please keep in mind that, in spite of the new digital technology, at Acta Print there is always a person involved in every step, a person who wonders and doubts and, when necessary, gives a buzz to the client in order to make sure how the page should really look like!
For more information and advice, please do not hesitate to call us: Acta Print, Risto Ailio, tel. +358 9 618 55 285 or email

Ready-made films
If the customer sends us ready-made film material, we must convert it to digital form by scanning. Scanning films to files creates considerable quality problems; therefore we do not recommend using films.

The easiest way to send a proof to the client is email. A low-resolu-tion pdf file or a TIFF or JPEG image file moves quickly over the phone line to be checked. In this way the proof traffic takes place as quickly as the rest of the prepress process.
A proof can also be supplied as a hard copy. In this case, the printing method and the paper type are considered while producing the proof. Therefore a hard-copy proof gives a true indication of the final print. Cromaline never told the absolute truth of the final print, in spite of it's quality (or actually because of it).
As a matter of fact, a proof is not necessary, as the pdf file supplied by the client is an electronic proof as such.