Manual as pdf file:


Working methods and definitions in PageMaker

The colour definitions should be created with great care. In four-colour jobs all colours should be created as process colours (CMYK), and in spot colour jobs as spot colours.

4 mm trimming edges should be provided in the document. Type 3, TrueType, Multiple Masters and system fonts must not be used. You should also avoid using old type styles, published before the year -91, as their kerning values differ greatly from those of current fonts.

The colour of negative elements should be defined as paper-coloured, as 0% of one of the spot colours may not print correctly due to different overprinting, masking and trapping values. Also hairlines should be avoided; as rule one should not use lines thinner than 0.5 points.

For the print driver we recommend Apple LaserWriter 8.5.1 or later, and the recommended print and file format is PostScript Level 2.