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Importing colour pictures to PageMaker
The resolution of a colour image should be 274 to 300 dpi, when the screen ruling is 60 lines per centimetre. A general rule is that the images should be converted to CMYK. For this, Acta Print's web site offers ICC colour profiles for downloading. With these profiles the colour separations can be optimised for Acta Print's printing machines. The profiles, based on colour separation, have been separately created for gravure and offset machines using different paper types.

The images should be saved as TIFF. If there are clipping paths in an image (be ware of too complicated paths!), it should be saved as a one-file EPS (5-file DCS is not allowed!) The images should not, without a particular reason, be compressed to JPEG files, as this would lower the image quality. A TIFF file may be LZW compressed, should the available disk storage be limited.

In PageMaker it is possible to stretch, rotate and crop the pictures, but scaling should keep within 60 to 120 percent limits.

Importing grayscale images to PageMaker
For greyscale pictures, the guidelines concerning resolution, saving and scaling are identical to those for colour images. One should keep in mind that ICC colour profiles also affect the formation of a greyscale image dot.

Importing line art PageMaker
The resolution of line-art pictures should be 1200 dpi, and never below 600 dpi. As a rule, files should be saved as TIFF, images with clipping paths as EPS.

For line-art in TIFF format, in PageMaker one can define colour, in addition to cropping and scaling. In process colour jobs the colour should be CMYK, and in spot colour jobs in spot colour mode.

ICC device profile for Acta Print's gravure machine

The amount of the black component has been limited to 85%, the total ink has been limited to 370%.

ICC device profile for Acta Print's offset machine

The amount of the black component has been limited to 85%, the total ink has been limited to 340%.