ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and the Nordic Environmental Label

Acta Print has a valid ISO 9001 quality certificate at all production units and an ISO 14001 environmental management at the gravure printing unit. Acta Print’s offset printing unit is also entitled to use the Nordic Environmental Label in its printed publications.

ISO 14001 environmental certificate granted to Kivenlahti gravure printing unit

DNV Certification Oy/Ab granted an ISO 14001 environmental cerficate to Acta Print Oy’s Kivenlahti gravure printing unit on 19 May.

“Receiving the certification is an indication of our long-term, environmentally responsible operations which means, above all, our commitment to constantly lowering harmful environmental effects,” says Acta Print’s Techical Director, Mika Renvall.

Decreasing ink solvent emissions, i.e. the so-called VOC emissions which increase the ozone content in the lower atmosphere, plays a major role in preventing environmental pollution. With determined efforts, solvent emissions have been decreased by half from the previous years’ levels and from the minimum levels set by the authorities.

“From the environmental perspective, the gravure process is more advanced than the offset technology in terms of lower VOC emissions provided that the processes are carried out in a responsible manner,” adds Renvall.